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Corporate, organizational portal development

We create an easy to manage and safely scalable ERP system to our client. Whether it be HR process management, forms, workplace entry system and its control, fleet management, packaging management, custom calculations, almost everything can be integrated into the framework.

An intranet, extranet portal engine can be developed from the portal system accomplished and introduced by us, with two-tier entry and backup processes. The portal can also be divided into multi-sites and subsystems, which are responsible for a specific service.

Creating and operating news portals

In case of news portals, the most important aspects are the fast loading time, the possibility of editing by different people at the same time (with admin access level managing), article versioning and ad placement. Joomla is a very comprehensive, versatile CMS. In this framework we can easily create AMP version and news portal that provides content subscription. There are a number of plugins available to create a unique, quickly variable news portal.

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Portal for university, educational institutions

In Joomla portal system almost everything can be accomplished what a modern educational institute needs: student and instructor news feed, internal administration, online marketing of courses, applications (even online), payments, management and registers of participations, publishing events, coordinating faculty's sub-portals, and of course, an engaging website design.

If necessary, with the help of multi site system, our team creates a network between the main university / institutional portal and its sub-portals, which allows to modify and update all related portals from one place. We optimize the website for speed, devices, and we can even import study data.

Web development services

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Data import

  • Import historical (administrative) data
  • Importing with automated data consistency fix
  • Fast data retrieval of previous data
  • In case of news portals, importing URL structure or making 301 redirects when importing
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Technical support

  • Operation, technical support and development of high-traffic sites
  • Up to 0-24 technical support - depending on the agreement



Versatile portal engine, many possibilites

  • Ad management software integration
  • Comment management software integration, replacing or developing of existing comment engine
  • Embedding analytics softwares, setting up and managing reports
  • Portal engine replacement and migration options
  • Development of the administration interface, setting up access levels (editors, guest editors, correspondents, employees, etc.)
  • In case of sensitive data and business processes we build a local system that can be run on an internal network
  • Open source - no vendor lock-in (software vendor is replaceable, eg us)
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Portal system for public administration sector

We integrate information and services from public administrative subsystems into the portal of the local government or government agency. With the help of the open source system, the organization will be able to accomplish a very smooth, online administration without dependencies. With custom development and the creation of API connection we can take e-public administration to a new level to our clients. Complemented by architecture and UX design, constantly in consultation with the client each step.

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Healthcare institutions

We integrate diversified subsystems into a client / medical portal, website. Forget medical CRM systems running on Windows! A modern customer portal tailored to the activity (eg dentist) aggregates the data of the subsystems. Make easier appointment bookings, the management of patient findings, in accord with GDPR.

Web portal development

After discussing and analyzing the client and user needs, requirements, we develop the functions and image of the portal. We select the technologies to be used and the necessary integration services, and we indicate the possible dependencies.

If we are replacing an existing portal system, for the sake of smooth transition we stick to the basic logic, mostly in an updated version. We map out a roadmap, broken down into points, complemented with flowcharts, commitment deadlines, then we give a quote. If data import to the new system is required as well, or we have to restructure the data to be imported, we estimate the price and time separately.

After the designing and signing the contract, we start the development. As soon as there is a "tangible", testable version, we consult with our client. With the continuous rounds of consultations we assure our client, that everything is according to what has been planned before, and if there are any changes or additional developments to be made, we will discuss them too.

We implement the completed software into the organizational environment and connect it with services and systems inside and outside the company.
Depending on the complexity of the developed portal, we also hold preliminary implementation trials, and there are cases where we work off the previous technological debt by implementing a step-by-step process.


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