Metabase support services

Metabase is an Open Source Business Intelligence tool. We can help you to install & configurate it and we can expand its features with database restructuring and analytical database.

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Metabase consultation

Do you have Metabase installed on your node, but you have no idea how to use it properly? You just want answers for your Metabase questions? We can help you / show you how to use this fantastic tool to ask questions and learn from data. We generate queries and fine-tune reports.

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Installation, configuration

  • Metabase server environment installation & backup
  • MB configuration, settings, updating services
  • Creating data warehouse from application databases
  • Creating analytical DB (OLAP)
Aggregating application databases

Expanded Metabase reports

As part of our service we automatically aggregate and synchronise on the one hand application databases of different enterprise departments, webshops and ERP systems, and on the other hand the data arriving from 3rd party services into a data warehouse. This will be processed then, and we build an analytical database for Metabase.

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Metabase emergency support

There might be cases when immediate, emergency help is needed because the security of the database has been compromised for instance, or Metabase may not start or not able to function properly. In these cases you can contact us.

Metabase integration options

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From Application DB

In this case MB connects directly to the application database(s). This is a simple yet not that secure usage of Metabase.

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From data warehouse

A microservice copies the application database(s), and then with the help of a script they will be merged and processed to a separate database. This DB will be more minable and analysable with Metabase.

Metabase BI tool on corporate desktop

Advantages of Metabase:

  • Open source BI (business intelligence) tool - no vendor lock-in
  • Intuitive, user-friendly admin interface
  • Excellent data visualizational possibilites for precise, understandible reports
  • It has several question modes which allow to create more complex questions that can require joins, multiple stages of filtering, aggregating, or custom columns.

Metabase is an open source Business Intelligence tool which lets you visualize database information based on your queries.

It is an easy-to-use software. Its interface is clean and intuitive so you can use it without coding. It can connect to several application databases at the same time.

Application database is a database of a standalone software like a webshop, ERP, LMS, CMS etc. There can be more application databases connected to Metabase that can aggregate them to a certain level. If Metabase connects directly to the application database it's recommended to give Metabase a read-only database access for security reasons.

It is a business decision support database that works as a kind of second-layer, which is made from the copy of various application database(s) (eg webshop, ERP databases, marktech databases) in data warehouse. Its data structure is designed for business intelligence (BI) software to extract data, visualize, and forecast trends quickly and accurately.

OLAP means Online analytical processing. This database structure approach is not based on the use of a transactional database, it is not optimized for many small read and write operations, but it is specifically designed for data visualization and reporting systems (eg Metabase) that are able to serve optimally multiple, large, combined queries.

The term comes from the "Online Transaction Processing" database schema approach, which focuses on database transactions to being able to perform many writing, reading, updating operations quickly, simultaneously, and stably.

Analytics DB for precise reports

Service databases for Metabase
Pen and gear as custom solutions

Building data warehouse for Metabase

With our OLAP (Online Analytical Processing database) database creation service, you will be able to query, analyze and display company data in a complex way. We aggregate production, sales, marketing and financial data and then prepare them for BI use. By serving your unique requests in the analytics database, we extend Metabase reports so the core remains intact (no core hack).

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Security by design

Another benefit of using Metabase with data warehousing is the occassional (sometimes hourly) synchronisation of the original application database and the analytics database (read replica). Due to the read permission and separate running it is easier to protect both the appication and Metabase. Sensitive aggregated data can be securely stored even locally, with a firewall, VPN connection, monitoring, backups.

Supported applications / DATABASES

Corporate office

To whom is it recommended?

  • Enterprises
    Businesses with large amount of data can improve their efficiency and performance by using Metabase BI tool
  • Developers
    When e-commerce (Woocommerce, Virtuemart) charts and reports are too imprecise Metabase comes handy
  • IT experts
    Deep dive into business data without coding - Metabase implementation into organizations, departments is easy and scalable.
  • Business analysts
    Collect data from many departments and visualize, mine it for business reports.

Metabase support
in 3 steps

01If you are interested in our Metabase support services, send us a message, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

02 We discuss your needs and questions through online meeting(s). We will then choose together the solution that best suits your needs.

03 After accepting our quotation, we will start the work, of course, with ongoing discussions.

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