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Joomla speed optimization

We speed up your Joomla based website and webshop!


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Creating mobile-friendly version

Make your page accessible! We undertake the transformation of existing templates into responsive!

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Creating AMP version

Creating super-fast, Google-standard AMP template for Joomla sites

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Creating, customization, repairing of template

PSD to Joomla, and repairing, restoring, and updating of Joomla template in use

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Switching templates

Do you want a more modern template than your existing one? We will switch it for you by the termination of previous template dependencies.

Why a fast website is important?

Pagespeed insights 100% result
A SEO and mobile-friendly Joomla! sitebuilt with appropriate content structure and navigation is more than half success at Google.
Only the speed is missing...

The crawlers are monitoring the loading time of the page (pagespeed) and they're also monitoring whether the page you are visiting is mobile-friendly or not.
Beside server settings the search engine monitors the content, amount, location, the unnecessary (non-used) code lines of the page's scripts, furthermore the unnecessarly large images as well, and even the quantity and quality of the font styles. It ranks the site based on the aforementioned criterias. If it is fast, it will bring it forward if it is slow it will put it further down in the results list.

Speed repair

Wireframe for website landing page

Professional Joomla development

Our team consists of trained developers and employees. Whether it's frontend or backend development, database patching, Joomla sitebuild, you can count on us. We can provide bug fixing within an hour too for our contracted partners.
Leave the operation of your website on us.


Joomla Pagespeed

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Reduction of page size

  • CSS optimization
  • Javascript optimization
  • HTML minimalization
  • Image optimization (image compression, sprite making, webp)
  • Reduction of file requests (http, dns)
  • Using screen size dependent images
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Joomla configuration

  • Joomla content cleaning (removal of inline css codes)
  • Re-examination and optimization of current Joomla configuration
  • Joomla cache optimization
  • Template optimization
  • Creating AMP version

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Server configuration

  • Updating PHP version (fix bugs resulting from the update)
  • Setting up .htaccess properly
  • You can have NGINX, LiteSpeed hosting
  • Setting up server environment for faster serving
  • Setting up CDN
  • Hosting, server management, monitoring

Joomla Pagespeed
in 4 steps

01Send us the URL of your website on the contact form! If you have something you think is important, write it in the comment area.

02 We will send the result of the pagespeed audit of your website in 1-2 days. If there is enough deficiency which is already worth repairing, we will may send to you a pre-quotation as well.

03 We will ask for a Joomla account or a CPanel access, so we can save it to our developer base. Under the given circumstances it is sufficient the current backup of the page, e.g. after emptying the customer database.

04 We begin the optimization and the tests, and we will involve you too into these tests at the end. If everything will work properly, we will set the modified web page back to the live page (if you need for the GIT, we will give it to you).

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