Content management services

Among other services, ours cover content development, SEO content management and on-site search engine optimization of existing contents.

Quality, SEO content writing

The content produced has to be a high-quality content, so it really has to contain something to say that is interesting and captures the visitor. This is important because visitors are more likely to read quality content, therefore they're spending more time on the page. The time spent is measured by search engines, and if users spend a relatively long time on the page, the search engine will find the content useful, so the website can move up in the rankings.

Enumeration icon during content editing

content management

Meta description icon

Stand out from the results list!

A meta description, page title, article, or product image can all appear in the results list (SERP). Many times this is the only channel of communication between the visitor and the website, so it is worthwhile to make easier click throughs with a well-written text, image or with the so-called rich results.

Alt text written for images

Optimized media upload

We use descriptive filenames, interesting alt texts and modern images created for the web (webp, svg, jpg, png). We even optimize images for different devices. In the case of embedded content (eg video), web-optimized uploading and placement is also important. We take care of these.

Tag icon

Embedding social tags

By providing proper Open Graph meta tags we help to create a solid, compelling image of your website for those visitors, who receive the link of the website with Facebook, Viber share, or get it from Messenger, Signal or Telegram message (typically recommended by friends).

Browsing accelerated mobile page (AMP)

Creating AMP view

  • AMP = ,,Accelerated mobile pages”
  • Superfast loading
  • Significant reduction of mobile website's required resources with a special set of tools
  • Instant content display to the user with no waiting time
  • Increasing click-through rate
  • Increase rankings in the mobile results list by click-throughs
Icon of Virtuemart extension

Virtuemart product upload

Leave the Virtuemart, J2Store or Joomshopping product upload jobs to us. Depending on the product amount we are able to upload your webshop automatically by database import. If required, we generate custom meta descriptions for the products from the available data and product characteristics.

Optimized for tablet and mobile devices

Frontend development

  • images optimized for display size
  • speed optimized Joomla frontend
  • custom product displays
  • creating UX friendly menu structures
Keyword icon

Keyword research and content writing

Keyword research is a multi-step process where we examine the topic of a given website and the related search terms. Then we use a number of criteria to determine the proper keywords, because the SEO content (content writing) and new landing pages will later be based on these keywords.

Structured, organized content

Creating Joomla landing page

The correct structure of the content is the appropriate usage of h1, h2, h3, etc. tags, including the main keywords. When creating a landing page one of the most important factor is the good and transparent structuring for both to the user and to the search engine. We carry out the integration of cross linking, structured data, engagement tools, forms, online calculators, order forms and online chat as well.


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