Canonical tool for Joomla

Using our free canonicalization tool you can easily add the following tag to your specified Joomla pages (urls):

<link href="" rel="canonical">

Specified URLs means you can exclude (bulk) certain URL-s based on a list you set.
In most cases this list can be filled up from Google Search Console (former Webmaster Tools). However you can use any other crawling engine to find your duplicated pages like HTTrack or Screaming Frog.

You can use canonicalization or not use canonicalization for certain php queries by determinig them in a list.

Use case

For example you have warns in Search Console telling you have many "Duplicate title tags".

The right url for your content is the following:


Search Console shows you have the same content under these URL-s as well:


Of course you want Google not to find these bad URLs. With this software you can add URL parameters and certain URL parts to a list in order to get rid of them. By listing them you can delist them in Google.
By doing the following procedure you will add canonical tag to the right page.
In this particular case you want to get a canonical tag on:

<link href="" rel="canonical">

After installation you copy and paste the following code into the "URL parameter(s)" field:

url parameters field

You also need to put the following ones in the box:

url parts field

Do not use the following characters: ? / whitespace
you don't need them.

After placing those URL parameters and URL parts the source codes will look like this:

html source code with rel canonical tag

html source code without canonical

If "Add Suffix to URL" enabled

In this case everything is working fine except one situation:
If the URL part you want to exlude from canonical tagging is in the end of the URL you should put the suffix there.

Let's say you don't want to get a canonical tag on the following URLs:

So you put the following into the URL part(s) field:


It will not put canonical tag on those URL-s. It's a bit weird and in many cases you don't need it since you can add "noindex, nofollow" tag in the Joomla menu manager to a certain menu item.

Use responsibly! All of the pages will get canonical tag if you don't set the rules! You should exclude URL parameters and (or) URL parts otherwise the software will put rel=canonical tag all of your pages.


01Download and install the CHJOOM component. This component will be your dashboard.

02 Download and install the Joomla plugin called CHJOOM - Canonical tool.

03 Enable the plugin in Plugin Manager in Joomla.

04 Go to the component called CHJOOM and start using it.


Get the latest version of the component:


Earlier versions:

Version File
1.0 CHJOOM-comp-1.0

In order to use the plugin you should install the CHJOOM component as well.

Get the latest version of the plugin:


Earlier versions:

Version File
1.0 CHJOOM-plg-canonical-1.0

Tutorial Video