CHJOOM Joomla component

CJHOOM is a free open source software pack for Joomla. It is developed by a group of enthusiastic hungarian developer.
Some CHJOOM plugins were created because the lack of them. We had to deal with some Joomla specific SEO problems so we decided to make our own solutions. During the development process we were focused on creating something useful and highy customizable.

We made a component called CHJOOM which is a kind of dashboard. Here you can install and manage our softwares easily.

Available plugins

Manage everything from one place

You can manage our softwares from one dashboard. There is no need to install every plugin but you have the chance to do it.

CHJOOM Dashboard screenshot
CHJOOM Joomla Dashboard


Get the latest version of the component:


Earlier versions:

Version File
1.0 CHJOOM-comp-1.0

How to use?

01 Download and install the component!

02 Download and install one of our plugins

03 Enable the plugin.
Now you can use it!

CHJOOM plugins

SEO Plugins:

Canonical tag tool

CHJOOM canonical tool
use rel="canonical" tag in you Joomla pages

Add rel="canonical" tag to your Joomla pages. You can define rules where to use canonical tag and where not to use it.

Canonical tool

Noindex tool

Do you have duplicate content on your Joomla site? No more pain! Try out this free tool to put a noindex tag on specified Joomla pages. Set up rules for bulk management.

Noindex tool

CHJOOM Noindex tool
Remove your duplicated page urls from Google!

Webdesign plugin(s):

Colored tabs tool

Customize the tab color in Android of your Joomla site. Select a color you like to make your website unique!

Colored Tabs

Security plugin(s):

Nogenerator tool

Remove meta generator tag from your Joomla CMS.

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