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Joomla admin blank screen hotfix

If you are using earlier versions of Joomla than 3.9.2 on php 5.x you may get a blank screen after administrator (backend) login after 30 11 2020.

Some of the error messages (J! backend):

Undefined variable: recommendedVersion in /plugins/quickicon/phpversioncheck/phpversioncheck.php on line 177
Undefined variable: recommendedVersionEndOfSupport in /plugins/quickicon/phpversioncheck/phpversioncheck.php on line 178
Fatal error: Call to a member function format() on null in /plugins/quickicon/phpversioncheck/phpversioncheck.php on line 178

The problem is with public_html/plugins/quickicon/phpversioncheck/phpversioncheck.php file.

Quick Fix

Open the file plugins/quickicon/phpversioncheck/phpversioncheck.php

Change this part of the code:

$supportStatus['message'] = JText::sprintf(

to this:

$supportStatus['message'] ="";

Permanent fixes

This should be your next step after the quick fix.

If you need Joomla support contact us!